Choupettes, calissons, and other sweet creations are waiting for you at one of the cutest candy shops you’ll ever see.   The La Cure Gourmande candy shop, started in 1989 in Balaruc-les-Bains in the South of France, has shops throughout France, along with a few in Belgium, Germany, Spain the United Arab Emirates, and New York City.

la gourmande

It’s not very difficult to spot one of these candy shops.  With their bright yellow storefronts with pastel accents, and the color explosion inside from the candies and fancy packaging, it’s hard not to see it let alone not be tempted to go inside, even if you don’t have a sweet tooth.

Specializing in traditional French confections, you can expect to find treats like calissons (candied fruit and ground almonds topped with a thin layer of royal icing) and berlandises (hard candies with a fruity gooey center). The first thing that will surely grab your attention will be the biscuits.  These handmade cookies, with fillings like caramel, lemon, chocolate, fig, raspberry and orange, are displayed in the center of the store in mountainous piles.  The displays alone will make your mouth water.  Best of all, there are always free samples of the biscuits, so you don’t have to wait to try one.

la gourmande

Next, your eye will be drawn to the colorful display of choupettes.  Choupettes are a specialty lollipop from the South of France.  These lollies are not only pretty, but they have a nice mild taste (not too sweet) and come in a wide range of flavors including anise, banana split, cotton candy, cherry, lemon, chocolate, cola, strawberry, fraise melba, raspberry, milk and raspberry, mint, orange, mengue, green apple, and vanilla.  I told you they had a lot of flavors!  How can you decide?  I love fancy lollipops, so this decision was easy – I just bought one of every flavor.

After you fill up your bag with biscuits and lollies, don’t forget to check out the other treats in the shop including basic chocolates, nougats, toffees and even chocolate covered olives.  Okay, they really aren’t olives.   Rather, the “Olives du Chocolat” are actually chocolate covered almonds that simply look like candy olives.

la gourmandeLa Cure Gourmonde is also a great shop to pick up gifts and souvenirs for your loved ones back home. Throughout the store, you’ll be able to find all their sweet treats offered in beautiful gift boxes and souvenir tins.  Colorful and artsy, there is no doubt anyone who receives one will be pleasantly surprised and will enjoy the goodies within.

la gourmande

If you happen to be in a city with a La Cure Gourmande candy shop, be sure to seek out this old-fashioned confectionary.  It’s the perfect place to satisfy a sugar craving and to pick up a few edible gifts for your friends and family.