I have to make a slight departure from my regular posts about travel to talk about the Game of Thrones.  After watching the season finale for Season 5, I felt a sense of sadness and a slight touch of depression knowing I’d have to wait close to another year before the story continues (and of course, because Jon Snow was killed). I can’t seem to get my mind off of the storylines either and find it all creeping into my daily life.  I guess I’m addicted to the Game of Thrones.   Am I the only one having withdrawals from my weekly dose of flying dragons, ladies and lords, and frozen zombies?


1) You start referring to things using Game of Thrones terminology. I was recently watching an episode of Barefoot Contessa making tarragon potato salad.  Every time she said tarragon, I kept hearing something else. I ended up making a Targaryen potato salad.  I won’t even tell you what I referred to as “Needle.”

2) A week after the season finale, you book a trip to Northern Ireland to take a Game of Thrones film locations tour.  I planned a trip, booked a flight, and now I am all set to visit Belfast in August for a few days.

game of thrones tour

3) You get to Northern Ireland and instead of booking one Game of Thrones tour, you book all of them.   Can you believe there are 19 Game of Throne’s tours to choose from on Discovery Northern Ireland’s website?  I’m not sure how I’m going to be able to choose just one.



4) During breaks in filming, you start watching the series all over again from the first episode.  I didn’t realize how much information I missed the first time I watched these episodes.  A second or third viewing is necessary to tie everything together. Watching your favorite characters during the off-season helps you with withdrawals, too.


5) You start wearing long hair extensions with wavy curls and style your hair like you are the Queen of King’s Landing.  My colleagues are starting to wonder why I am wearing “wedding hair” to work every day.

FEET6) You look at the bottom of your feet and fear you have greyscale.  I am optimistic that my case of greyscale is caused by wearing flip flops every day and hoping that a pedicure is a simple cure to my horrible summer feet (but it really does look like the beginnings of a bad case of greyscale).


7) You start thinking that Myrcella, Cersei, Sansa, Drogo, Tyrion, and Theon would be great names for your future babies.  This idea was quickly shot down by my husband (one of the few that don’t watch Game of Thrones) with a head shake and eye roll.


8) You start gifting t-shirts to your friends with kids that say “Mother of Dragons.”  I realized that I’m not the only one with this idea after seeing an episode of the new sitcom, “Odd Mom Out”.  I hope my friends know I mean well.


9) You start thinking of changing your last name to something a little easier to spell and pronounce, like Stark, Tyrell, or Lannister.  I like Linda Lannister.  Has a good ring to it, right?  Just rolls off the tongue.


10) You dream about the day they create an adults-only Game of Thrones theme park.  If they can do it with Harry Potter, why not Game of Thrones?  Think about it:  Little Finger’s Brothel, Rock Climbing on The Wall, Ramsay’s Haunted Chamber of Torture, and a Whack-a-White Walker.  I hear Dubrovnik announced plans to create a theme park around the series, but not quite sure it’s what I had in mind.


11) You don’t day dream anymore.  Instead, you give serious thought to theories of how the game will end.  Here are a few ideas I had of things to come after the Season 5 finale:

  1. Jon Snow, Arya Stark and Bran Stark are all wargs, whether they know it or not yet.
  2. As a warg, Jon Snow will not die, and instead, he will possess his dire wolf. Melisandre will use her magic to heal Jon Snow’s dead body while his soul possesses his dire wolf. Melisandre realizes that she got her “true” king confused, and it’s actually Jon Snow (son of Prince Rhaegar Targaryen and Eddard’s sister Lyanna Stark and rightful heir). He is needed for the war to come, and the Lord of Light resurrects Snow’s body.
  3. The three-eyed raven told Bran he will soon fly. As a warg, Bran is going to take over one of Dany’s dragons, the dragons being the key to stopping the White Walkers.   Arya and Rickon Stark will eventually be the other two who will control the remaining dragons in the war to come.  Jon will no longer be a warg once he is resurrected.
  4. Lord Baelish is going to get flayed by Ramsay Bolton when he returns for Sansa, and she’s no longer there. If only he had little birds in the north to warn him of Sansa’s departure from Winterfell so he can avoid this fate.
  5. Jorah will find a cure for his greyscale, as we know it can be done thanks to Shireen. And let’s face it; he’s the hottest old guy on the show…they can’t kill him off.
  6. Daenerys will be captured by the Dothraki and will be visited by Drogo who will guide her to freedom (whether that happens by being airlifted out of camp by her dragon, burning the camp to the ground and escaping through the flames, or other). I’d like to see this come true because I’d really like to see Drogo again, wowsa.  Talk about a hot couple!

So, yes, I’m addicted to the Game of Thrones.  Now what do I do about it?  I guess I’ll just have to wait for Vikings to return to get my mind off of it until the next season starts.  Until then, I’ll travel to Northern Ireland, watch reruns of old episodes on HBO GO, continue to speak in Westeros tongue, and come up with more theories to share with anyone who will listen.

Do you have any theories on what’s to come in Season 6?   Do you think Rickon will ever come back (and do we care)?  What will happen to Sansa?  Will the remaining Stark dire wolves get more air time?  Is Dorne doomed now for killing Myrcella?  Are you happy to see Tyrion’s smarts and wit put to good use finally?  What is the power that moves the White Walkers?  Share in the comments below.

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