Red Newt Cellars Winery & Bistro
3675 Tichenor Rd, Hector, NY 14841
Hours: Daily, 11:00 – 5:00
No reservations required (except for groups of 12 or more)
Full Menu available 11AM-3PM; Select items until 5PM

An informative tasting of unique blends and award-winning wines

red newt

A visit to Red Newt Cellars (est. 1999) in the Finger Lakes Wine Country of New York offers an informative wine tasting of both classic and unique wines. For $5, you’ll get a flight of 6 featured wines of the day for your tasting. There’s a lot of knowledge behind the informal stand up tasting bar here, so take advantage of it. Freely ask questions about the wines, and their friendly staff will blow you away with the information they provide not only about their wines, but about winemaking in the area in general.

red newt winery

Although the “Newt” (as it is referred to by locals and fans alike), is not located right on Seneca Lake, it does sit on a hill just southeast of it. The location offers nice views of the rolling hills leading down to the lake from both the tasting room and the outdoor deck. You’ll also see vineyards right on the property, which easily reminds you of the Newt’s motto, “grown here, made here.”

You’ll find some easy drinking Rieslings, including their most popular, the Circle Riesling, at a reasonable price point of $15/bottle, as well as a delightfully aromatic Pinot Gris for $24/bottle.  If you prefer reds over whites, then definitely pick up a bottle of their Cabernet Franc for $20/bottle.

But don’t be afraid to try some of the more unique blends. They’ll easily win you over, and you’ll find yourself not wanting to leave without picking up a few bottles to enjoy back home. My favorite blend is the Tierce Dry Riesling at $34/bottle, an annual Riesling made in conjunction with two other local wineries. Each year, the Tierce will be a different blend and offer a unique taste depending on the wineries involved in the collaboration.

red newt cellars winery

I also like the Red Newt Laboratory Series, a small lot production based on the “creativity, inspiration, and wackiness” of the Newt’s winemakers. I picked up a bottle identified as Notopthalmus for $28/bottle, which is made up of 72% Pinot Gris, 18% Gewurztraminer, and 10% Riesling.

red newt winery

Red Newt Cellars is definitely worth a stop while visiting the Finger Lakes Wine Country in New York, especially during the harvest season when you’ll see the winery in action.  Regardless of the time of year, it’s a great stop to buy some award winning wines and try some unique blends that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Red Newt Cellars Winery & Bistro is conveniently located about 10 miles north of Watkins Glen in Hector, New York.  Visit their website for more information.


Images courtesy of Red Newt Cellars Bistro & Winery