From parades to pub crawls, Hoboken is the place to be on Halloween offering a plethora of activities for everyone to enjoy.  If there is one holiday this city on the Hudson River does well, it’s Halloween.  Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from Hoboken on this spooky holiday and why you should make HoBOOken your destination on October 31.


Run the Halloween 5K

Start your Halloween celebration off with a 5K run.  Typically held the Saturday before Halloween, the Running of the Ghouls gives you an opportunity to get some exercise while taking your costume out for a “test run.”  For the little roadrunners, there’s a Scary Scurry Kid’s run, too.

Walk in the Ragamuffin Parade


Adults, kids and dogs get all decked out in their best Halloween garb to march down Hoboken’s main thoroughfare.  Although it’s a small parade mostly of parents with their kids, it attracts crowds who come to see and support their friends, family and neighbors.  I especially enjoy seeing the creativity that parents show when it comes to decorating their baby strollers.  All are welcomed to walk in the parade, and it’s a pleasant way to spend a half hour on Halloween before heading out to the parties.

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Participate in Trick-or-Treating


If you have some kiddies, be sure to dress them up and visit the businesses along Washington Street for some treats.  Residents on the side streets also participate in trick-or-treating, but it appears to be pretty much centered on Garden Street with some residents offering candy on North Park Street, too.

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Attend one of the many Halloween Parties


There are plenty of Halloween parties going on all over the city.  Just walk down the street and you’ll see packed houses of friends and family imbibing on Halloween cocktails.  If the weather is nice, you’ll even catch party-goers hanging out on the stoops of their brownstones enjoying the eerie evening.  Start up a conversation with them, and chances are, you’ll be invited to join them for a drink.

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Go on a Halloween Pub Crawl


If you can’t secure yourself an invite to a party, then join a Halloween Pub Crawl for some organized bar hopping with other like-minded ghosts and goblins.  For about $25, you’ll be escorted to a few of Hoboken’s most popular bars where you will be guaranteed entrance on this busy evening as well as a drink special.


There are tons of bars in Hoboken, so even if you don’t join the pub crawl, you’ll have no problem finding a fun bar (and more importantly, you shouldn’t have any problem getting in unlike the scene in Hoboken for St. Patrick’s Day).  Just be warned, you may have to put up with a few shenanigans from drunk (but harmless) giant Cheese Puffs (ok, I know he’s an Air Dancer, but I still think he looks like a Cheese Puff).


Take a Tour of the City’s Scariest Street


I saved the best for last. If there is one thing you can’t miss when visiting Hoboken on Halloween, it’s a walk along Garden Street, especially between 11th and 13th Streets.  Here, the residents will give you a real treat with their over-the-top decorations and live demented demonstrations, especially between 11th and 13th Streets.  It’s such a popular street that the police will actually close these blocks down for a few hours to safely accommodate all the visitors to this section of the city.

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