Geiranger Sjokolade, Fjordnaer

If you find yourself in the sleepy town of Geiranger to see the UNESCO fjord, Geirangerfjord, be sure to stop by the best little chocolate shop on the fjords.  Geiranger Sjokolade Fjordnaer is the village’s quaint chocolate shop located in a wooden boathouse right of the fjord and right along the main pedestrian thoroughfare.

At Geiranger Sjokolade Fjordnaer, you’ll find a selection of fine chocolates that can easily compete with the best chocolate houses in Brussels or Geneva.  The chocolates are the creation of a Swede, Bengt Dahlberg, who fell in love with this spectacular Norwegian fjord and town.  His chocolates are handmade onsite in the temperature controlled basement of the shop and cafe.  The end result is a delicious chocolate made from local ingredients with flavors inspired by Norway and its fabulous fjords.  It was interesting to hear from the friendly staff how they get their dairy from the farm “up the road” and their cheese from another farm “up the road” and so on. Quality ingredients always results in a quality product, and that’s what you’ll find at Geiranger Sjokolade Fjordnaer.

Chocolate with a View


You’ll have no problem finding this chocolate shop when visiting Geiranger.  It’s conveniently located right off the fjord, with it’s chocolate factory facing the fjord, and it’s shop and cafe facing the main pedestrian street. Just look for the shop with the turquoise motif or follow the smell of chocolate in the air.


If the weather is nice, you can opt for outdoor seating, but on chillier days, you’ll probably prefer to sit in the indoor cafe to enjoy your chocolate treats.  The cafe is cozy and inviting with plenty of comfortable seating areas for you to relax or warm up after spending time on the fjord.

Chocolate with Norwegian flair

What I really like about this chocolate shop is the unique chocolate flavors.  Don’t expect to find the “same old boring chocolates” here.  Instead, you’ll be surprised to find truffles made with brown cheese, aquavit, and cloud berries, flavors that are undoubtedly Norwegian.  There was no doubt that I was trying ALL of these.  Lucky for me, the shop offers samples.  Lucky for them, everyone buys a box of chocolates after trying a small sample.


The cafe serves up a delicious hot cocoa served as a steaming mug of hot milk, along with a good-sized portion of home-made chocolate bits that you add to the steaming milk.  You can get it in any flavor of chocolate that they currently have made, including white chocolate or chili chocolate. The café also serves up a unique chocolate cheesecake made with the popular Norwegian brown cheese.  I’m a huge fan of cheesecake and make a killer one myself.  I would love to replicate this recipe at home, so if anyone has it, please email me!!!

Chocolates to take home


There is no doubt that you’ll want to take some of these deliciously unique chocolates home with you. They can mix and match the chocolates to create a box of your favorites, or you can select pre-boxed and pre-bagged chocolate treats from the display.  Some other delicious options include the Mountain snack – thin flatbread hand-dipped in dark chocolate with a touch of spice (e.g., sea salt, chili).

If the shop is closed, you can also pick up some of these chocolates in town at the Norsk Fjord Center, Joker Grocery Store, Brasserie Posten or the lobby of the Hotel Geirangerfjord.

Enjoying some Brown Cheese Chocolates at home.

Enjoying some Brown Cheese Chocolates at home.

For more information:

Geiranger Sjokolade Fjordnaer
Hours:  Every day from 10:30 am – 5:30 pm during the season (April – September)
+47 967 25 205