Spend a nice afternoon shopping along picturesque Market Street on your next visit to Corning.  You’ll find a few antique shops, a small sprinkling of some chain stores, a gallery here and there, and some really pretty boutiques offering something for everyone.  Here are some of my picks for must-stop shops along Market Street in the Gaffer District of Corning. 

Posh Boutique
40 East Market Street

This store is properly named, as the inside feels very posh with the beautiful collection of various designer clothes, jewelry, and hand bags.  Although small, the store has a nice collection of the latest fashion trends.  This upscale boutique is a must-stop shop for any fashionista.

Connors Mercantile 
16 East Market Street


I love picturesque stores, and Connors is just that.  You can tell a lot of thought has gone into the pretty displays in the store.  You’ll definitely not leave Connors without finding something adorable for your home; it’s packed with “everyday indulgences.” You can also pick up a Corning souvenir sweatshirt or t-shirt here.

In the back of the store, you will find a small chocolate counter where you can buy handmade chocolates from Sweet Shop USA.  You’ll find delectable looking truffles like Funfetti (milk mousse ganache center dipped first in dark chocolate, then in milk chocolate drizzled with white chocolate, topped with sprinkles and a jelly bean), Showgirls (white chocolate blended with strawberry and raspberry puree, coated in milk and white chocolate, sprinkled with sugar crystals), or Birthday Party (white chocolate with a Fudge Love center, dipped first in dark chocolate, then in white chocolate, drizzled in pink chocolate, topped with sprinkles and a jelly bean).

Crystal City Olive Oil
2 West Market Street

I’m a big fan of flavored balsamic vinegars and oils and simply love the stores where they fill bottles with your favorites right in front of you. You can sample all the oils and balsamics to find one just right for you or ask one of the helpful employees to recommend their favorite.  The manager assisted me and mixed together a mushroom infused olive oil with a cranberry pear balsamic vinegar to create a delicious combination perfect for a salad.


You’ll also find some gourmet salts and spices from the Seneca Salt Company, which makes a perfect souvenir from your trip to the Finger Lakes region.

Bacalle’s Glass Shop
10 West Market Street

In a town known for glass, it’s pretty obvious what the perfect souvenir is.  For reasonable gifts made from glass, Bacalle’s is the place to stop.  However, like anything, you get what you pay for.  Most of the glass items here, although very pretty, are not made in Corning by local artists. Instead, you’ll find glass products made in China.   This is why everything in Bacalle’s Glass Shop is so affordable.

There are a few exceptions, so ask the friendly clerk to show you the glass items that are not from China including the Witch Balls.  The beautiful glass blown balls are made by a small company in Canada and cost about $12 for the large ones. There are also a few glass pieces (vases, plates, and glasses) that are hand painted by local artists.  If you are looking for glassware that is made in Corning, head over to the Corning Museum of Glass where you can make your own in their glass studio.

West End Gallery
12 West Market Street

The two pieces that caught my eye included this painting by GC Myers (Song to the Lake, $1550) and the purple iris incalmo bowl by Brent Craig ($480).

The two pieces that caught my eye included this painting by GC Myers (Song to the Lake, $1550) and the purple iris incalmo bowl by Brent Craig ($480).

Located right to Bacalle’s Glass Shop, you’ll find the family owned and operated gallery that has been in business for 38 years.   Here, you’ll find a nice collection of artwork, glass bowls, and sculptures from more than 50 featured artists. With various price points, some of the beautiful pieces from local artists won’t necessarily break the bank. Even if you are not in the market for a new piece of art or a new sculpture, a stop in just to see the work is worthwhile.  All our welcome, from serious buyers to window shoppers, at this unpretentious gallery.

The Market Street Source
88 West Market Street


The Source’s specialty is homemade creativity. From homemade soaps and lotions (by the owners daughter) to custom gift baskets featuring all things from the area, it’s a great stop to look for a unique gift. If you aren’t really looking for a gift, at least stop in to browse and enjoy a protein smoothie from their juice bar.

They also have a big selection of dog treats like frozen doggie smoothies and cookies, so Fido can get a souvenir from Corning, too!