kentucky derby fashion hat

Fashion is a big part of the Kentucky Derby, and the attendees at the 141st Run for the Roses did not disappoint.  With a picture perfect day, both the ladies and gents stepped out in colorful outfits, big hats, and wide smiles.  Here’s our roundup of some of the classic and crazy Derby styles we saw this year at Churchill Downs.

141st kentucky derby hat

derby fashion


derby fashion

As you can see, when it comes to fashion, anything goes at the Kentucky Derby.  Whether you opt for a classic look or spend a few months making your hat, chances are, if it’s bright and beautiful, the cameras will find you.  My hat was picked out of the crowd and featured on NBC’s national coverage of the Kentucky Derby during Josh Groban’s singing of the National Anthem.  Check it out here (you’ll see me at 1:23).



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