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A Shopping Guide for Corning, New York

Spend a nice afternoon shopping along picturesque Market Street on your next visit to Corning.  You’ll find a few antique shops, a small sprinkling of some chain stores, a gallery...

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I first learned about the durian fruit when I was visiting Malaysia a few years ago.  Tourists could be heard asking questions about it, while locals quickly dismissed it. It...


Summer Cocktails – inspired by South Dakota, created by Harding’s NYC

I had the pleasure of recently attending a private event at Harding’s, a warm and welcoming bar and restaurant just south of Madison Square Park on 21st Street between Broadway...


Signs you may be addicted to the Game of Thrones

I have to make a slight departure from my regular posts about travel to talk about the Game of Thrones.  After watching the season finale for Season 5, I felt...


A Memphis “Must-Do” List

When I decided to visit Memphis, I thought my trip was just going to be all about Elvis with some blues and barbecue thrown in.  I happily discovered that Memphis...